Profits are down at the Mordata Casino.
Can you get to the bottom of it?

Your ace in the hole is SAP Lumira. Download a trial of this desktop data discovery tool to uncover hidden clues in the casino’s data. We bet it will lead you to the right answer in no time.

Try your hand at the SAP Data Challenge.

  • 1. Meet the players

    Before bringing you in, the Mordata Casino did some analysis using SAP Lumira. This demo reveals key findings – and some solid leads.

  • 2. Dig into the data

    To close the books on this mystery, it’s going to take more than Lady Luck. Stack the odds in your favor with a trial of SAP Lumira. Use it to analyze the data sets and play a hunch or two.

  • 3. Solve the mystery

    If you downloaded the trial and played your cards right, you know how the deal went down. All that’s left to do now is see if you’re right.

  • Learn more about SAP Lumira

    Remove the obstacles that stand in your way of uncovering the right answer. This desktop tool is an affordable way to organize, consolidate, manipulate, analyze, and visualize your data.

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